Bigo Live App Connect vs Google Account

Step 1: Download and install Bigo Live App successfully on your phone

Download Bigo live app for all platforms
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Step 2: Open the Bigo Live application

Bigo Live App Connect vs Google Account

Step 3: Choose Bigo Live account connect with  Google Account

Bigo Live App Connect vs Google Account

Step 4: Select the google account you want to sign. OK

Step 5: Sign in with your Google account

Step 6: Enter login  usename and password Google account

Step 7: Use Bigo Live App

Amazing Feature of Bigo Live App

  1. Numerous Fans: Connecting millions of users, BIGO LIVE help you become NEXT STAR.
  2. Live Broadcasting: Watch and broadcast with your phone whenever and wherever you want.
  3. Virtual gifts: Various cool and unique gifts are ready. Show your passion, send Roadsters to broadcasters.
  4. Rewarding Activities: Join our online and offline activities to win diamonds, beans and prizes.
  5. Exchange your beans to money. Broadcast, earn money and rejoice.

In Singapore, there’s quite a few teenage girls and boys talking about themselves and having fun with the chat. Several male streamers break out their guitars for impromptu performances.

The users’ young age lend an inherent creepiness in the core concept. Obviously, no one is forcing all those people to broadcast but the combination of overexposure-happy attitudes and transactional nature of the app makes watching those streams (and the accompanying chat messages) a little uncomfortable.The 890,000 beans guy (I think he was from Thailand) was absent from the screen when I tuned in, but had music blaring from somewhere. Also there were a lot of cashew nuts around for some reason.

Things get a little more worrying when you discover online forums dedicated to sharing pictures of popular streamers (mostly female) with people who seem to know them or where they live or work in real life. It has less to do with the app itself and more with how people tend to handle their online presence nowadays, but the creep is still strong with this one.