Bigo Live App Connect via Facebook

I will tell you how you can download Bigo live App and connect with other Million of users. Once you follow the below steps to download Bigo Live App, you will be all set to start your own live stream anytime, anywhere. I want to aware you that Bigo Live App has some really exciting features that makes this app quite addictive.

  1. First of all just download Bigo Live App. AndroidiOS, Windows PC, Windows Phone and Mac
  2. You can also directly install  Bigo Live App.
  3. Once the Bigo Live Installs, just Open the App.
  4. Signup on Bigo using your Facebook, Google+ or Gmail account.
  5. Accept the required permissions for the App.
  6. Now, On the homescreen you can see various live broadcast from different people as below.
  7. Just click on any of the profile. And you will see the live broadcast of the profile person with some other person(On Bottom right).
  8. You can now send text messages to people and chat with them. But you are not visible to them and you can send beans to them. For Your Information, “Beans” in Bigo Live App is similar to sending “Likes” on Facebook.
    Bigo Live App Connect via Facebook


    Bigo Live App Connect via Facebook

Till now you would have understood, Basics of How to use Bigo live App and how to send messages and beans on bigo live. Furthermore, I will tell you that how you can broadcast like other people on Bigo Live App.

Bigo Live App Connect via Facebook
Bigo Live App Connect via Facebook

How to do Video Broadcasting and Video Calling on Bigo Live App?

  1. Firstly, You had sign up on the app as told above.
  2. To start your live stream, click on the Earth Like round icon in the Bottom Center.
  3. Now, Enter the Live Title and make sure to Turn On or Turn Off the Location & Facebook sharing as per your wish.
  4. Just tap on go Live and your Live broadcasting will start within a few seconds.
  5. You can make video calls to the people in the chat list and also find more people on the upper right corner.
  6. Click on any Photo Icon and Make the video call on bigo live app. You can now video chat with various people and meanwhile you will get live text chat on your broadcast.
  7. Gets Live: Invite your friends to co-host your broadcast!

How to Use Bigo Live App Connector?

Bigo Live App has just launched another amazing feature in their app. This feature is something like Whatsapp where you can use the app on your PC. This feature of Bigo live is called Bigo Live Connector. You can actually broadcast your game-play with other bigo users, See fans messages on your desktop aswell. And now we will see how to use Bigo Live App Connector on your PC.

  1. First of all Go to Bigo live website through your PC.
  2. Install the Bigo Live Connector software in your PC/Laptop.
  3. Launch and Setup the Bigo Live Mode.
  4. Now, a Bigo QR code will generate, Just Scan this QR code from your Bigo Mobile App.

Downloading and using Bigo Connector is very easy as it does not require any technicalities.

Video Description: Above is the Tutorial video for Bigo Live Connector.

Steps to Delete Account from Bigo Live?

You can Uninstall the Bigo Live App anytime you want. But by Uninstalling the app you account will not be deleted. To permanently delete your account from Bigo Live App you have to follow the below steps:

  1.  Go Settings from Menu bar
  2. You will see Deregister/Delete Account
  3. Click on Delete Account
  4. That’s all! Your account will be permanently deleted from bigo live app now.

Just Uninstall the app once you delete your account.

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